Germin8 is a Social Media Intelligence company focused on helping you understand and act in real time on the gazillions of conversations by your stakeholders. 

Germin8 Social Listening™ is a proprietary stakeholder insights, engagement and social media listening platform that collects and analyses conversations in real time from public sources and private sources, and converts them into industry-specific actionable insights and leads.
Germin8 Social Listening dashboard

Germin8 Social Listening

Germin8 Social Listening™ collects large volumes of unstructured conversations in real time using its own crawlers as well as third party APIs for social media analytics.

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Germin8 Social Metrix dashboard covered by launching soon alert

Germin8 Social Metrix

Measure the effectiveness of your social media channels around audience, content, responsiveness and competition.

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Germin8's proccess to making sense of stakeholder conversations

Germin8 helps large enterprises in simplifying decision making, by making sense of tons of stakeholder conversations to generate actionable insights.

  • Collects stakeholder feedback via APIs, crawlers, etc. in real time
  • Analyses using Natural Language Processing algorithms
  • Displays actionable insights in real time on live interactive dashboards

Germin8 Solutions