Challenges and Opportunities: Customer Management in a Social Media World

February 4, 2014

The number of people interacting online is increasing day by day, in today’s world people use social media to share, gain experiences, find better options and also refer & promote the brands they like or are loyal to. Marketers are using the social space to deepen the engagement with their customers & prospects. Most of the brands have got the knack of it but still most are still working to develop the best strategies to leverage social media and online space to build strong relationships with their customers.

Implementing a 360⁰ digital marketing strategy has its share of challenges and opportunities. The things that a brand needs to take in mind while developing a digital strategy are many as expectation of the customers and stakeholders can make them lose or win the situation in terms of brand loyalty as well ROI.

Communicating accurate information with specific details to provide a better service to customers, managing online expectation of customers through effectively responding to their complaints & queries. Taking feedback form customers & understating their needs. Getting involved with the customers in real time by hosting contests & quiz.

Social media has brought a new change in how companies now interact with their customers. Social media helps in creating experiences for customers which later a customer is happy to share & promote.

Let’s discuss how brands have managed their online complaints, pulled social media to generate leads & promote brand. And how the whole CRM metrics has changed due to online interaction. A must attend event for social media marketers & CRM managers.