How influencers help retain your top clients via Social Media Engagement

June 30, 2015
Social Media Influencer

Imagine you throw a big party celebrating an important event in your life and nobody came. Even worse, the people who turned up do not interact, laugh or even talk. Much like real life, engagement is what makes the world of business marketing go round. As Social technology and social media engagement are playing a growing role in the lives of people, key influencers have the ability to boost a brands online presence and reach new audiences. An influencer in this case is like the mutual friend who connects the people and gets the party going or in other words, connects your brand with your target consumers.

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People Are The New Channel

Social Media Engagement

People are a powerful distribution channel for a business and the message that they are trying to put across. Tapping into a channel of influential individuals is a sweeping phenomenon in modern day marketing.  These influencers have been around throughout the ages as religious figures, influential political figures, rockstars etc. In the digital age it is easier to harness the large shadow that they cast and get them working for your business. Today’s list of the most influential on social includes the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk   (CEO, Vayner Media), Guy Kawasaki (Chief Evangelist, Canva) and Rand Fishkin (Founder, Moz).  An Influencer is one of the most effective ways for brands to drive meaningful engagement.

Influencer Power

Influencer power


There are many benefits of tapping into people, the most obvious one being creation of authentic content for a business. Due to the immense reach of social media, having influencers create content makes sure that it is seen by more people as compared to a regular advertisement. Reach is not just defined by the person with the largest audience but also how well he fits in with the brand and its message in context. One of the key factors that make social media, social is the ability it has to drive action. Unlike a traditional paid advertisement when an influencer creates content people react to it, share it and comment on it. Nikons social sharing campaign was an attempt to spread awareness and showcase their connected camera offerings. A swell of awareness was created with the help of key influencers online which eventually translated into more than 166 million social impressions.  This was a three night event and due to a strong influencer backing it was a top trending topic on social media for all three nights.

New Approach To The Age Old Relationship via Social Media Engagement



Providing value after completion of the sale is what keeps a brand or business foremost in the mind of the consumer. There is no guarantee that a consumer will repurchase when the time comes but influencers can help create a feeling of membership and connection with a brand that could help in this respect.  Influencers also act as part talent scouts as they help the company thrive by attracting some of the best talent out there. They serve the purpose of being the evangelist for a brand and open up the brand or business to new communities. The audience in these communities may have not heard of a business but may have needs that these companies can meet. GE’s InstaWalk is an example where both the influencer and the brand were able to capitalize on each other’s influence and garner a new audience.

A lot can be achieved by smartly using influencers and their channels. Social media platforms like Twitter for example have the capability of directly bringing content in various forms to the user. Twitter is no longer just 140 characters and a link. If there is a video to be shared, you can do this within twitter itself without having the user redirected to any other page.

Influencers on social media allow your clients to share content in a much more engaging manner. Lenovo had launched a fun interactive campaign teaming up with four well-known Twitter influencers who reached out to consumers via interactive videos and website gamification.

In Closing

The chances of retaining your top clients improve as the number of influencers who know and value your brand increases. Leveraging the promotion and content creation capabilities of influential people in your space is what helps move the needle and strengthen the reputation of your business.

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