Marketers Challenge Part 2: What Social Media Measurement Can do for your Brand

April 29, 2015
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Previously in part 1, we saw how mapping your content to align with your buying cycle is crucial to your marketing efforts. Today, everything your customer desires is just a click away and social media provides you a platform to develop deeper relationships with your customers.

With customer empowerment and an increase in online engagement between peers, comes opportunities for businesses to better engage with their customers online. Germin8 Social Metrics can be the primary vehicle that organizations use to better evaluate their digital spends, while understanding the consumption behaviour and the quality of customer engagement of their target audience.

Decisions Backed By Social Media Measurement

Business, today, is becoming more data-driven and social media is a key marketing channel for most businesses. Companies that invest in their analytics capabilities and use vast amounts of structured as well as unstructured data are able to make more informed decisions. By capturing, parsing and analysing data, these companies understand their customers a lot better than their peers. Social Media Measurement and optimizing data goes a long way in making prudent business decisions.


Pilot Study:  A Leading FMCG CompanyLeaderBoard_SocialMetrics


The Need:

With the use of Germin8 Social Metrics, a leading FMCG conglomerate was able to create a long term digital strategy that contains both, a short and long term operational plan of action. The CMO and his team are now able to evaluate the performance of the master brand as a whole as well as that of specific individual brands. Additionally, the tool allows the team to view how ongoing campaigns and activities fare, in real time, and allows for course correction on the go.

Germin8 Social Metrics’ self-analysis dashboard and leader board helps marketers assess how they fare against their competition on important measurable metrics, such that they position their brand(s) appropriately to meet their objectives (ex. reach, engagement, turnaround time and response rate).




Analysis of Options


Germin8 Social Metrics has helped the FMCG company’s marketing teams better understand what kind of content receives maximum engagement. Posts are categorized into various themes, as depicted below, helping the brand better gauge what is working, with respect to their target audience.

This, in turn, helps brands publish content that resonates with their customers while they chose between the various options available to them.


Purchase Intent


The CMO and each brand team were able to use Social Metrics to effectively plan the best times to post content, in order to gain the greatest level of engagement from their target audience. This helped the brand bait their customers with more relevant and appropriate offers.

Germin8 Social Metrics’ content scheduling feature allows brands to understand times their content received maximum engagement, which thereby helped brand teams to schedule future content more appropriately (aligned with their customer’s purchasing intent).




The master brand team is able to oversee social media performance across their various brands. Each brand within the master brand has been able to optimize and benchmark their performance against their competition. Furthermore, the tool has helped them re-organise their social media objectives.

Germin8 Social Metrics provides marketers the ability to monitor how their brand fares vs. their targets, which can be modified on the go with respect to ever changing brand objectives. It also helps brands monitor specific metrics critical to the performance of their advertising/social media agencies.



After SalesTAT_SocialMetrics

Consumers, nowadays, are comfortable engaging with brands on their social media handles and do so by sharing their complaints, questions, and positive experiences. These social media profiles act as another touch point for their growing customer bases, and increase their visibility online.

With Germin8 Social Metrics, the master brand is able to understand not only customer growth, but also their turnaround time across different time interval ranges, thus enabling them to reduce delayed responses and increase engagement.

In part 3 of our ‘Marketers Challenge’ blog series, we will talk about how brands use Germin8 Social Metrics to get actionable granular insights based on social media measurement, thereby engaging more effectively with their target audience.