Social Media Week, Bangalore 2015: ‘Upwardly Mobile’

March 6, 2015

With over eight hundred eighty-six million active mobile subscriptions in India, the theme of than ‘Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of the Connected Class’ has never been more relevant in India. Social media enthusiasts across India got an exciting glimpse into the future of mobile connectivity and social media. Here are some of the highlights of Social Media Week Bangalore collected using Germin8 Social Intelligence.

The central themes at SMW this year were mobile, big data, technology, business, marketing and travel with buzzwords like content, news, campaigns, DellAtSMWBangalore, ImTheChange, and social media dominating the discussions. The SMW Bangalore was mentioned 53,481 times across the cyberspace. Clearly, India was abuzz about Social Media Week!

The discussions about SMW were led by veterans like @radhika_vasant, @TekiRosh, @Ankhi_Pal09, @echo0234, @deeptiasthana and many others. It was no surprise that Twitter was the preferred source to discuss SMW Bangalore, with a whopping 97.70% interactions happening on it. The gender distribution information stated that more men participated in the conversations pertaining to SMW15 at 63%.

Overall the participation was overwhelming at SMW Bangalore. The connected class sure did rise to the occasion. With data being even more accessible in the palm of our hands, it is no surprise to see that the conversations about Social Media Week keep rising every subsequent year. As the first edition of SMW15 in India comes to an end, Germin8 hopes to see you soon at the Mumbai edition of Social media week!