Why Online Reputation Management isn’t limited to big brands

February 28, 2019

No matter who you are or how small your business is, digital presence is the bedrock of modern times. Having said that, it’s important to mull over Online Reputation Management (ORM) as an indispensable component to any digital strategy chalked for success. Market reports indicate how almost 65 percent of Indians on an average prefer using social media for both purchase recommendation as well as after-sales service. With an increasing number of customers voraciously looking for information online, it does become vital to have an ORM strategy for big and small brands alike.

What is ORM anyway

Good question! For starters, ORM is all about enhancing the reputation of your brand as you drive positive and impactful content along with steady redressal of customer complaints and queries in tandem. Such a system not only accounts for the credibility of your brand but also helps in monitoring brand sentiment, which is easy to topple and crush with a few negative comments.  The need of the hour is constant monitoring of conversations to help maintain a brand image that is free from blemishes and gain a strong foothold online by effectively marketing yourself through social media channels, blogs, forums, communities, and review websites to name a few. One can also pick from multiple ORM tools designed to track, evaluate, analyse and monitor brand activity.

Why ORM is necessary for small brands

For any new entrant or small player in the market, building a brand identity is a mammoth task. It is as important as realising your business objectives as a single flaw in the fabric can break your band before you get a chance to build it. Some of the key pointers that small brands need to keep in mind while creating their image for digital success include:

  • The Art of Listening– Listening is a skill that is seldom developed by people. Stating your views and opinions is good, but when you do that as a brand and turn a deaf ear to what people have to say about you, it can be a serious deal breaker. Listen to what customers have to say about your brand and take both positive and negative feedback in the same spirit. Try to figure out what is keeping you behind in the game. For any small brand investing in building an ORM strategy, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Remember, this is an age where the customer ditches a Timex for an Apple Watch. They are intelligent enough to check and re-check reviews and recommendations across the Internet before any purchase, big or small. The inherent urge is a timely response to all queries and prompt redressal for post-sales grievances. Just in case, you are a B2C brand where the rate of consumer engagement is generally high; it’s a wise call to invest in an ORM tool to save time and spur the process. This shall not only help in retention of customer ensuring brand loyalty but also help in netting new prospects.


  • Reach out to Restore Confidence – One of the most commonly occurring mistakes with small brands is avoiding to pick up on customer complaints. Look around. There are thousands of posts present online where the customer is frantically looking for a solution to fix an issue with the product but to no avail. This is a serious mishap that marks your reputation in red. Never be afraid of a little bit of negative feedback. Try reaching out on a personal basis by dropping a formal and apologetic mail to or maybe call up to check on the issue. Try basic troubleshooting if it helps and if not always take the issue offline and get your gear down to resolve the problem once and for all. Such an approach would have the customer turned into a brand loyalist for good. Having an ORM strategy in place can help any small brand track and respond to customer complaints effectively.


  • Staying at the top of the game–With close to 91 million searches being performed on Google every day, staying ahead calls for a heart full of burden. Well, not really. No matter how small you are as a brand, your digital presence demands need to be driven by content that is afresh and positive to the brim. A good approach is to maximise your leverage through effective SEO thus pushing down all negative remarks and comments that hangs around your brand like a millstone. Influencer Marketing is another great way to help boost your game by driving fresh content through blogs, reviews across social media platforms and other portals.

ORM = Endless Customer Delight

Investing in building an ORM strategy for your brand ensures every single interaction made with customers turn out positive and meaningful in equal measures. In other words, ORM can help small brands parade towards market domination, gain prominence among local searches, actively monitor and respond to keep negative feedback thus adding shine to the brand image. In essence, it only builds your digital persona but helps inculcate a voice that people listen to, admire and adore in the long run.

Sounds like what you would want to have for your brand? We are here to help you. Driven by innovation at its heart, Germin8 can help shape up your ORM strategy aligned to your business goals. Drop us a line and let’s get going!
Written for Germin8 by Ipsit Roy