Your guide to the best time to post on social media

March 27, 2019

Best time to post


The topic of this write-up attracts no generalized answer. The usual approach is one should post on social media when one’s audience is seemingly the most active. Quite naturally, because that is also the best time for the audience to engage with the kind of content that goes live. Sounds just about all right, eh? Well, not quite. When you put that in perspective with reality, it’s a perplexing situation. You see, in real time scenario, there’s nothing that can be called a good time to post your content as one staggers across several different social media platforms meeting varying demands. Here’s a muddle over on what can be regarded and not regarded as the best time to go live with your content and set expectations right. Let’s find out.



This town is a lonely town

Yeah, if you acknowledge those lines from the Frank Sinatra song, it is likely that you will be in greater liberty than others with your content posting schedule. Starting with Facebook, it remains the largest social media platform with more than 2 billion users, and one needs to have a comprehensive outlook into people’s online habits across major countries to gauge the perfect time for shaping up social media listening strategy. Say the USA for instance; a country that follows multiple time zones, each coast behaves differently from one another. Although the major inclination remains around late morning when the user engagement is reportedly higher, it will be a good call to go with posting anytime between 8-10 AM.  Preferable days of the week would be Mondays and Sundays (usually between 9-10 AM) as it showed the highest number of engagements among users.

The worst or most avoided time to post on Facebook would be any time after 7 pm as mostly the impressions tend to pick up only just about the clock strikes 4 am. With a business that respects different time zones and accordingly set its delivery and customer service, it is always a good approach to go tailor-timed to enhance the market reach and boost engagement level. On the eastern side, impressions reportedly take a hit right after 8 PM which is akin to West Coast.

The English market for Facebook is a whole lot different as the heat map usually shows maximum audience engagement during the late hours of the morning as well as afternoon, say somewhere between 9-1 PM. However, on the weekends, repeated posts garner more impressions compared to weekdays. The baseline is timings are a benchmark for social media posts, and each industry has its inclination as to what would be the preferred timing depending on your customer origin.

Swing it like Instagram champs

If addiction were a benchmark, Instagram is an epitome for the same. Rising from just a primary image sharing platform, it has transformed itself into a powerhouse of content synergy and brand engagement level, like nothing else. From content writers, artists, influencers, collaborators, Instagram is a top choice for all professionals alike. Facebook’s user base is bigger albeit, but when it comes to engagement, Instagram takes it all like a winner. Now, a significant chunk of content that goes live in Instagram happens through mobile. This is an essential factor to be taken into account while scheduling your posts. Also, age demographics is another such necessary consideration. According to the report by Pew Research Centre, almost 65 percent of Instagram users are aged somewhere between 18 and 29. Run a little math and what you get? Working professionals, techy guys, creative people, who love to be on-the-go thus striking a balance between their work and significant social media time. Reportedly, the most favorable time for your Instagram posts would be Monday &Thursday, anywhere 3-4 pm. On the other hand, research data also revealed for video content on Instagram, anytime between 9 pm -8 am would be a good choice. Ah! Bedtime browsers galore. So, you see, any post on Instagram directly impacts its algorithm which in turn is responsible for user engagement.

Twitter & LinkedIn Mastering

The apparent reason why these two social media platforms were brought together to the table for discussion is owing to their differential stand from other platforms. In Twitter, you have users skimming rapidly through a specific range of topics that tickles their interest. Of course, the interaction level is way down when compared to Facebook or Instagram, but on the other hand, the reach out is massive – market data suggests 326 million users monthly with over 500 million tweets being sent across each day.  Unlike other social media platform, Twitter is not about the right timing. Instead, it’s all about the right volume on the newsfeed. Keep it busy, keep it short and punchy, and you can nail it! If you are still looking for a cue for the best time, try posting your content right after 5 pm EST as most professionals leave for home during this time, which in turn gives them ample time to scroll down their phones.

They say LinkedIn is the number one choice for a B2B platform for content marketing. A highly impressive figure of just about two new profiles being created each second and over 500 million users and counting, it is undoubtedly one of the best professional engagement platforms out there. After all, this is one platform where you get to witness the movers and shakers of the industry, the frontrunners of Fortune 500 companies spending time. Unlike Facebook, the content restriction is nowhere to be seen across LinkedIn, and one can share one post from one profile to another easily. This is one place where people hook up professionally to earn new projects, assignment, jobs and even expand their reach as a business with global step forwarding. When aiming to frame content and social media listening strategy for a platform like this, research suggests you skip the opening and closing of weeks. So, any day between Tuesday and Thursday would be a good choice with the publishing window left open to make an impact from between

9-11 AM, when people are just starting their day at the office and is just picking on the flow. Such early postings also attract maximum opportunity for tractions as notable content gets a revisit through sharing across different profiles.

Wise words

Despite the early casual warning that post timings for social media do not gain ground with the generalized approach, all market research data for a favourable schedule is ironically based on the same. However, for a brand to succeed and take engagement to a whole new level altogether, the best approach is to bank on local industry data pertaining to the geographical region and the brand itself. Always remember, each audience is integral and specific to a brand and demands a whole new set of strategy to perform seamlessly across all channels. Sounds like a tad too difficult? Worry not. At Germin8, we are bent on offering a simplified social media listening framework for one and all clients to help realize their objectives. If you are one among countless businesses wanting to stay ahead in the game, drop us a line below and let’s get going!


Written for Germin8 by Ipsit Roy.