Germin8 Social Listening

Germin8 Social Listening helps companies make sense of the conversations about their brand, competitors, products and campaigns on social media. Conversations gathered from various social media and user generated content sites are analysed using industry specific algorithms for topic and sentiment and presented on helpful dashboards for deriving insights.

Wide Coverage

Wide Coverage

Collects large volumes of unstructured conversations in real time using

  • Germin8 crawlers
  • third party APIs
  • authorized data providers

Coverage includes:

  • Social Media sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • millions of other social networking sites
  • blogs, review sites, Q&A sites and discussion forums
  • news sites, video and image sharing sites, classifieds sites, social bookmarking sites
Granular Insights

Granular Insights

Uncovered by using Germin8’s ready to use (yet customizable) industry-specific topic structures in order to:

  • Implement an effective social media strategy
  • Understand what customers are saying, specifically about your brands, products, product features and competition
  • Available for sectors like Media and Entertainment, Financial Services, Automobiles, Hotels, Retail, Home Electronics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Easily customizable for your specific business requirement.
Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Accurate Sentiments associated to each brand post using:

  • Proprietary Natural Language Processing and
  • Machine Learning Algorithms

Multiple sentiments for each brand post that covers different features about the brand like:

  • Products and Services
  • Product features
  • Service features
  • Competition
Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design

  • Simplistic design
  • Focus on Functionality over Features
  • Easy to use (for newbies) and an analytics beast (for experts)
Real time dashboard

Real time dashboard

Germin8 Social Listening’s analysis helps users generate actionable insights via:

  • Real time dashboards with customizable interactive graphs
  • Ability to easily filter graphs based on demographics, influence, sentiment and time period
  • Ability to drill down to actual stakeholder posts
  • User specific personalized dashboards – ability to work independently and share with other team members
  • Thorough sentiment analysis feature
Automated Reports

Automated Reports

Create your own personalized Automated Reports via Germin8 Social Listening

  • Choose from various brand report templates,
  • Customize graphs you wish to use
  • Add commentary and write inferences
  • Share reports directly with team members or clients instantly or periodically, depending on your business requirement
Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts

You don’t need to be logged in to stay on top of your brand!!!!

  • Get Real Time Alerts via email
  • Create multiple alerts for unique causes (per your business requirement)
  • Direct specific alert types to appropriate team members For example, mentions from news sites with your Corporate Communications team and customer complaints & queries alerts to your social media/ CRM team.
Direct Response Module

Direct Response Module

  • Directly engage with your stakeholders / prospects through the dashboard
  • Save time by responding to all posts/queries from the same interface