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7 smart tips to get MORE followers on Twitter

Keep your tweets informative and entertaining such that it stands out from the rest, says Dr Ranjit Nair. An article published with

Why Technology Needs Women Leaders

Why #Technology Needs #Women #Leaders An article by Dr Ranjit Nair Founder and #CEO of Germin8 Published on Stoodnt, Inc.

Diwali shopping leans towards digital

Online shopping over brick and mortar shops, any day. That’s what 48% of the consumers commented on Twitter, sounding alarm bells for traditional stores.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Indian Brands Marketing Landscape

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform and disrupt both big and small businesses quotes Dr Ranjit Nair

Making small companies intelligent

Small and medium businesses can reduce costs and optimise efficiencies by embracing artificial intelligence. Germin8 featured in an article by #BusinessToday on how #AI and #MachineLearning coupled with #SocialMediaListening is making #SMB intelligent.

The Challenges in Running a Successful Influencer Campaign

A study by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) revealed that two-thirds of consumers today are using ad blockers. Desktop users say that ads make it difficult for them to navigate sites

Ranjit Nair Interview with Tech Pluto

Ranjit Nair Talks about Data Analytics and his company Germin8 in Exclusive Interview with Tech Pluto

Big boosts to startups; "No angel tax on Startups" says FM Nirmala Sitharaman

Catch up with the thoughts of Germin8's founder Ranjit Nair (PhD AI), on "Big boosts to startups; "No angel tax on Startups" says FM Nirmala Sitharaman" a news article covered by #ZeeBiz

Why Online Reputation Management isn’t limited to big brands

No matter who you are or how small your business is, digital presence is the bedrock of modern times. Having said that, it’s important to mull over Online Reputation Management (ORM) as an indispensable component to any digital strategy chalked for success.

Could this be the reason why e-tailers want to go app-only?

Why is Ranjit Nair (CEO, Germin8) sceptical about e-retailers going app only?

The Influence of Social Media - Femina Magazine Quotes Ranjit Nair

The ‘she’conomic revolution and avoiding social media pitfalls. Our CEO, Dr. Ranjit Nair offers his two cents on the latter in this month’s Femina special feature.

Germin8 Selected as a Finalist at InTech50 2015

Germin8 joins the ranks as one of the most promising software products created by entrepreneurs from India. InTech50

Mapping social media conversations

The Influence of Analytics, Germin8 way - Ranjit Nair interviewed by the Pickle Magazine

Germin8 featured on YourStory- Article by Jubin Mehta

How a father-son team built Germin8 to help deision-making easy for brands

Ormax to track online buzz for films

Germin8’s technology prowess in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Big Data Analytics and Ormax Media’s vast domain expertise in media insights. The end result will allow film marketers make their campaigns more effective” said Ranjit Nair, CEO,Germin8 Solutions.

Winning and keeping customer trust

Many are using software to listen to online conversations about their brands. This can help brands to not just gain insights about their consumers views and opinions, but also aid them in having a constructive two-way communication with them “says Ranjit Nair, CEO,Germin8 Solutions.

Stop talking, start listening

“People share their views and experiences about various brands and service providers online with their connections (friends),” says Ranjit Nair, CEO, Germinait Solutions.

Tool track - Digital engagement drives new business

“Natural language processing, technology that can be applied very easily to understanding unstructured content on online sites,” says Ranjit Nair, CEO , Germin8 Solutions =