Germin8 Brand Perception Study

Why Brand Perception is crucial for a company?

Brand Perception helps a Company to comprehend the perception of the marketplace of its own brand vis-à-vis that of its competitors and in repositioning its brand to be able to optimize results.

  • What is the perception about your brand in the market.
  • What tonality is best suited to your brand
  • Is your content complementing your brand persona
  • How effective is it in generation of reach and engagement

With Germin8’s Brand Perception report you can understand how your brand competes in the minds of your consumers by identifying set of tangible and intangible associations it evokes, relative to competitors

Why Brand Perception?

Competitor Analysis​

Having check-in on a regular basis on customer perception of your brand relative to your competitors

Marketing Analysis

Understand the impact of your marketing campaigns on your brand perception in the market

Customer Loyalty

Resolve a gap between the brand attributes you would like to portray and how customers really feel

Increase Revenue

Identify areas for improvement based on customer perceptions and increase revenues.


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