[Guide] Social Customer Service in 2022

Almost 46% of people use social media to communicate with brands, according to a study. Social media has definitely opened doors to the many-to-many communication model. Almost 80% of the audience feels that social media makes companies more accountable. It is imperative for brands to be on their A-Game when it comes to social customer service.

Twitter Influencers on Coronavirus

Deep Dive into the mind of the International and Indian Influencers during the current COVID-19 outbreak by understanding the content they share on Twitter with their fans and followers. The study provides insights on what types of content successfully influence the Twitter Audience


Brand activities during Covid-19 outbreak​

Understand how brands have changed their marketing and communications and how are they aligning to the current covid 19 out break in order to maintain business continuity and their association with their customer. 

What are consumers looking out for in any Hotel's

A brief study to understand the consumer perception and requirement for a premium class hotel. Based on the reviews received across hotels in Delhi, we have categorized the conversations what customers are talking about

ISL Germin8 Report

Most Followed Team on Social Media

Essential tips to engage football fans on social media. Taking cues from the social media presence of #ISL2019 teams, here’s a cheat sheet on how to increase engagement with football fans through digital touchpoints. Also find out the most followed team on Social Media and more.