Germin8 Social Listening

Germin8 Social Listening helps companies make sense of the conversations about their brand, competitors, products and campaigns on social media


Trooya is a cloud-based social media contact center that enables you to respond to customers, resolve their issues and earn their goodwill.

Social Media Command Center

Germin8 Command Center

Germin8 social command center is a dedicated visual setup where brands can monitor & engage in social conversations.

Why Do you need us?

Efficient Data Listening

Making sure you do not miss out on any conversation.

Insight Driven Analysis

Preparing you for your future marketing projections

Sentiment Analysis

Automatic sentiment analysis helps prioritize to handle negative mentions

Data Period Customization

Flexibility to see the backdated data with this option

Templated Response

Helps respond quickly with just a click on readily available template


Germin8 believes in honest, transparent pricing

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