"See if your business is using

social research with a customer-centric approach

to develop effective business strategies?"

    What you get

    Online Media Analysis

    Keep an eye on what online publications say about news related to you and your competitors and evaluate their impact on your brand’s reputation.

    Campaign / Event Analysis

    Know whether your online campaigns are a hit or miss and find ways to get people to talk about your brand by optimizing your media strategy in real-time.

    Product Insights

    Analyse customer conversations about your product or service and study competition to gain invaluable insights on taking your product or brand to the next level.

    Content Effectiveness Study

    Understand what kind of content clicks for your brand, optimize engagement, monitor content performance, and benchmark against competition.

    Tonality Analysis

    Evaluate the tone of communication across channels and gather actionable pieces of information to make strategic decisions.

    Audience Engagement

    Improve your reach and engage with your audience while identifying audience-specific influencers to collaborate with.

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