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Why Product Performance Analysis is crucial for a company?

With Product Performance Analysis you get indepth market analysis about your product. This analysis is based on the review the product has received over e-commerce space. Product Performance Analysis Report can help you with understanding the following

  1. Sentiment of your customers towards your product (Positive, Negative or Neutral)
  2. Competitor Analysis with respect to their branding and Marketing Activities
  3. Insights of customers which will help you improve the product positioning and quality.

As a result your product buyers can make an informative sourcing decision and you have an edge over competitive product positioning.

Product Performance Analysis Report is granular and with the Analysis you will understand how your products are faring in the E-commerce space. The report can also guide you insights pertaining.

Why Product Performance Analysis?

What facet of your product is most liked?

Get detailed report on the facets of your products which are performing well. This is derived from the reviews your customers put about your products

What can be improved

Understand the improvement scope in your product based on the negative reviews it receives on the e-commerce platforms / google reviews.

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