Germin8 Social Media Listening & Monitoring

Social Media Listening & Monitoring: Watch Over On Your Social Media Platforms

What is Social Media Listening?

Social Media listening tool allows you to monitor, analyze, and even respond to conversations about your brand and business online. It’s an integral component of audience research. If you don’t have a social media listening strategy in place, you’re missing out on precious insights. What do your customers think about your brand? what’re they saying about your competitors? Conversations gathered from various social media platforms and user-generated content sites are analysed using industry-specific algorithms for topic and sentiment and presented on helpful dashboards for deriving insights.

Why social media listening matters?

If you’re not using social media listening tools, your social media listening strategy is missing something big. Real individuals are talking about you or your business online. You would like to listen to them, right?

To put it simply, if you really care about your customers, you care about the insights you will get from social media listening.

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How Social Media listening could benefit your brand?

Customer Engagement

Social media listening helps you identify opportunities to take part in conversations about your brand.

Competitor Monitoring

Social media listening is more than knowing what individuals say about you. You can also monitor your competitor’s conversations.

Develop New Leads

Social media listening helps you identify people asking questions regarding your industry. you may discover fantastic leads you could cultivate into relationships for social selling.

Identify Influencers

Monitoring social conversation about your business will give you a sense of who the critical influencers are. These are significant individuals to connect with

Benefits of Germin8’s Social Media Listening

Granular Insights

Get Insights based on predefined templates which are easily customizable as per industry requirements. Share reports directly with team members or clients instantly or periodically, depending on your business requirement.

Automated Reports: Create your own personalized Automated Reports via Germin8’s Social Media Listening and Monitoring Tool.

Understand what customers are saying, specifically about your brands, products, product features and competition

Direct Response Module

Directly engage with your stakeholders / prospects through the dashboard.


Save time by responding to all posts/queries from the same interface.  Direct specific alert types to appropriate team members For example, mentions from news sites with your Corporate Communications team and customer complaints & queries alerts to your social media/ CRM team.

Wide Coverage

Collects large volumes of unstructured conversations in real time using

  • Germin8 crawlers
  • third party APIs
  • authorized data providers

Coverage includes:

  • Social Media sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Business, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Blogs, review sites, Q&A sites and discussion forums
  • News sites, video and image sharing sites, classifieds sites, social bookmarking sites

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