Digital marketing clichés and what to use instead of them

You won’t believe what we’re going to tell you about digital marketing today! Aside from this awful introduction, there are many terms that saturate the digital marketing world today. While using clichés isn’t really a bad thing, it’s called a cliché for a reason. If you’re guilty of damaging your content with these unoriginal statements, we’ll help you redeem yourself. So you have to see our mind blowing list of the most important clichés that you should avoid!

Content is king

There’s a reason why this phrase is first on this list. It isn’t surprising that a Google search on this term gives 30,00,00,000 (three hundred million) results. The phrase is used so much that people seem to have forgotten what it actually means. The basic definition of it is that any venture will fail without appealing content.

For the digital marketing world, it simply means more content, better marketing. But simply expecting more content is not enough, it’s the quality that matters. Also, you could have the best content and it still wouldn’t reach your stakeholders if it isn’t distributed well in the right channels.

The redemption- Content production, distribution and quality is king. Maybe, replace king with something else. Maybe just focus on producing good content.


I will just let the Wikipedia description do the talking first, “Clickbait is a pejorative term describing web content that is aimed at generating online advertising revenue, especially at the expense of quality or accuracy.” Audiences can discern when your digital marketing indulges in clickbaity content and while one of the issues is that it compromises its quality, the bigger issue is that it reduces the respect that the audience has for your content, and in the longer run, your brand’s image.

The redemption- Straightforward and engaging material. Communication demands honesty. Give your audience what you promise and your digital marketing venture will definitely succeed.X is the new Y ‘X is the new Y’ aka I didn’t feel like doing my job and marketing my content. The very essence of marketing is communicating the value of your product and comparisons just diminish the value of your product. Originality is always appreciated by an audience so marketing your product that way will guarantee results.

The redemption- Y is an independent entity and is in no way related to X, here’s why you should buy Y!

We made a ‘Viral’ something

Let’s just make it clear to every company out there that spun articles and blogs saying ‘We’re releasing a viral video’- you don’t make a viral video, a video becomes viral! So don’t tell your consumers that what you’re delivering is viral, let them decide.

The redemption- Just deliver your content and wait. Good digital marketing leads to viral content, your marketing strategy cannot rely on anticipating something to be viral.

Think outside the box

It’s funny how this is a cliché about not being a cliché! This cliché is more about your mind-set while making a digital marketing strategy rather than the strategy itself. The risk of focusing too much on being unconventional could be that you stop being relatable to your stakeholders.

The redemption- We would recommend having your feet firmly in the box while also making sure that your perspective is outside it too, after all no one said that you can’t see through the box or that you can’t both be in the box and leave it to be outside.

We’re bringing X to the next level

Some might argue otherwise but for the time being digital marketing isn’t a game. Also, suggesting that what you’re marketing wasn’t on said level could be counterproductive to your product’s reputation. Every recreation of the product should be promoted as the best one, and your digital marketing content should reflect that.

The redemption- ‘We’re giving you the best, the X kind of products has to offer’ is an ideal alternative.

360° digital marketing strategies

While we appreciate the thought that you put when you call your marketing strategy a 360° strategy, the whole point of something going 360 degrees is that it’d come back to the same place. So unless you want the marketing to go nowhere. We suggest you stop using this term.

The redemption- Just don’t call your digital marketing strategy a 360° strategy.

So in conclusion, it’s fine if you’ve used these hackneyed terms before, the key is to be as clear and honest about your products and services as possible. Your digital marketing should be more about conversation and communication rather than about clickbait and confusion. Remember, less is more (yes, the use of a cliché is intentional) Can you think about more clichés? Let us know in the comments below! Let us know in the comments below! Also, boost your digital marketing approach by sampling Gemin8’s Social Media Listening tool. If you’re interested, contact us.