FIFA World Cup 2014 – Social Media Analysis

As we bid adieu to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we bring to you some interesting statistical nuggets about the biggest stars and events that lit up Social Media during the month-long tournament.

At the very outset, the 2014 FIFA World Cup was touted to be the biggest Social Media spectacle in history; more so since Brazil, in 2013, earned the title of Social Media Capital of the Universe. The World Cup not only lived up to this billing, but also smashed several records by a huge margin. Today’s infographic provides an insight into the social media extravaganza that was the World Cup.

According to Twitter, the semi-final between Brazil and Germany became the most tweeted-about single sports event, with 35.6 million tweets being generated during the game. Germany went on to win the final and also set a new record for the most tweeted moment in history: Germany’s crowning moment of glory saw 618,725 tweets being generated per minute!

Facebook also had some gargantuan numbers to report. Facebook’s analysis revealed that the month-long duration of the World Cup saw 350 million users engage with the World Cup on Facebook. It generated 3 billion interactions (posts, comments and likes) related to the World Cup. On the day of the final between Germany and Argentina, 88 million people generated 280 million interactions, which made the match the single most-talked-about sporting event in Facebook history.

Seeing these impressive numbers, it is only fitting that we culminate our social media analysis of the World Cup with a tribute to the people and the events that made the 2014 FIFA World Cup the Social Media World Cup. See you in Russia in 2018!

Social Media Analysis for the FIFA World Cup 2014. Its impact, key statistics and much more!