FIFA World Cup Scores a Goal on Social Media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have certainly been exposed to the World Cup bug by now. But since you’re reading this, you’re probably not living under a rock.

At a time when every minute-by-minute update is precious, fans have very actively turned to social media to keep up. From leaked news about prospective starting XIs, to the latest injury scares, social media is in the throes of a World Cup fever. The tweet count for this year’s World Cup has already surpassed the total number of related tweets during the 2010 tournament, with a staggering 12.2 million related tweets during last night’s opening match alone! This translates to more than 110,000 tweets every minute, or nearly 1700 tweets a second! That’s almost 30 percent of all tweets generated globally. The FIFA World Cup 2014 is easily expected to be the most social event ever. This prediction is reaffirmed by the fact that the host nation Brazil was named the social media capital of the universe by the Wall Street Journal in 2013.

Thus we, the football-and-social-media-loving junta of Germin8, have combined our two great passions and would like to present *cue drumroll* the 2014 Germin8 World Cup analysis! Follow up the action on the pitch from last night with our in-depth analysis of how the battle between Brazil and Croatia shaped out on social media.