How can the quality of customer feedback be improved to achieve outstanding results?

Your company’s expansion is contingent on having satisfied, happy, and devoted customers. Customer feedback is crucial if you want to develop a strong and happy customer base. You cannot recognise the elements influencing customer satisfaction until you solicit input from customers.

Additionally, you cannot build loyal customers if you are unaware of the aspects that are keeping them happy. This is why gathering customer feedback is so important for every organisation.

1. Keep tabs on social media

You should monitor the social media discourse of your brand. This is most likely one of the simplest ways to find out what your customers think of your company. Whether it’s a positive or critical comment, your customers can readily visit social media platforms and communicate about your company.

Here, you need to be extremely proactive and act as swiftly as you can. Acknowledge the positive comments made by your customers. And if you get any criticism, make an effort to actively and promptly address it. The chance to interact with your customers directly through social media is its strongest feature.

You can obtain quality feedback from your customers by having one-on-one conversations with them. Keeping track of every social mention you receive is a difficult task. However, some applications can track every mention of your company on social media.

2. Conduct a customer satisfaction survey

The most popular method of gathering customer feedback is through surveys. It is, however, difficult to create an entertaining yet relevant customer feedback survey form. When you ask your customers for comments, you must be very careful and considerate.

Long, pointless inquiries will discourage customers from providing you with feedback. It must consist of a concise collection of pertinent and instructive questions. Use sliders on your site instead of torturing your visitors with a lengthy survey form.

3. Evaluate the Quality of Your Customer Service

Addressing the problems or complaints solely will not help you improve the standard of your customer service. But how will you evaluate the quality of your customer service?

Following the resolution of the issue and the closing of the ticket, you can email a survey to your customers. This survey’s objective is to determine whether the level of service met the customer’s expectations.

The survey form should be as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. A meaningful question should be asked after a negative response, always. Additionally, you can request your customers to review your company and their interaction with you by rating it between ‘one’ and ‘ten’. You can examine these ratings over time to find trends that will benefit your company.

4. Email-based feedback

Brands may obtain high-quality client feedback quite effectively using email. Most likely, you have gotten an email from a hotel, service provider, or online retailer requesting you to write about your experience. You may optimise this essential channel by enhancing how you communicate with your customers. When requesting customer feedback through email, you must concentrate on these three key principles:

a) Assure Your Customers a Prompt and Timely Response

Customers typically opt against sending feedback because they believe that companies won’t be interested in it or will not reply. It makes sense why some of a company’s angry and dissatisfied customers never even get to voice their complaints. Ensure your customers are aware that you will address their feedback. 

b) Compile Your Customers’ Feedback

Always make sure your feedback is organised so you can quickly refer to it in the future. To gather and address customer feedback, build a well-defined and organised method. Ascertain that you’ve got a system in place to keep track of general grievances, service blunders, product suggestions, and feature requests. Save the contact information of any customers who have asked for product upgrades or replacements. After you solve their concerns, this will assist you to inform them. 

c) Request Honest Feedback from Your Customers

You can get some good feedback via one-on-one email exchanges. Not all clients feel at ease sharing their opinions on social media. Therefore, a kind email might encourage your customers to provide candid comments. The cordial exchange of information may help you learn and grow while also providing you with some high-quality, practical knowledge.

When gathered effectively and systematically, customer feedback is a critical tool for growing your company.