How Germin8 Helped A Leading Food Manufacturer To Increase Their Brand Advocates

Customers are a brand’s most valuable advocates and cheerleaders. They play a principal role in brand reputation management. Happy clients will go over and beyond in referring you to others if they like your products or services.

If your customers trust your company and the value you provide them, they give you an opportunity to promote your brand and increase revenue. It is very difficult to build a brand naturally without first building trust with your brand’s customers. Statistics show that 92 percent of online users trust recommendations from their social networks.

  • What is Brand Advocacy?

Brand Advocacy basically implies that individuals who love your brand will continue to support it and naturally advocate your services or products to new clients.

Focusing on brand reputation management services might help your organisation save money on advertising. Rather than spending a lot of money on sponsored ads, you empower individuals to boost your brand’s online reputation.

People trust suggestions and content from colleagues, family, and friends more than other types of marketing, which is why it’s critical to persuade people to support and promote your company.

While conventional marketing is still effective, individuals prefer and trust the familiar personal touch over huge commercial corporations advertising their own services or products. Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of brand advocacy is identifying and nurturing your brand’s most ardent supporters. This is where online brand reputation management services like Germin8 come in.

  • Why Brand Advocacy Matters

Here are a few reasons why brand advocacy should be a big part of your company’s marketing initiatives.

  1. Organically increases brand awareness — Brand advocacy leads to brand growth in a more natural way. Instead of spending thousands on advertising, your customers can organically spread the word about your brand with minimal effort. This demonstrates the quality of your product or services and your brand becomes more valuable since consumers trust other individuals more than corporate messaging.
  1. Media and publications pay attention – When more people talk about your brand, publications and news outlets give heed. Your organisation now has a better chance of being highlighted in articles or news stories. This increases your marketing reach by exposing your brand to even more people. These factors together will increase sales, attract top personnel, and increase the number of individuals interested in using your company’s products or services.
  1. Brand advocates have a wider reach – Concentrating on your brand advocates can help you generate more sales. Brand advocates are three times more likely to share brand information with someone they don’t know (Social Media Examiner).
  1. Allows more time for other corporate efforts – Having a legion of workers and customers who are continually discussing your brand frees up time to focus on other components of the company.
  • Case Study:
  1. Challenge

Client was one of India’s most well-known FMCG brands. The brand struggled to capture or monetize existing conversations with followers on social media. Before approaching Germin8, the brand was unaware of how online brand reputation monitoring could drive sales through customer gratification. There was a lack of direction in content strategy and utilisation of existing content to boost audience interaction.

  1. Germin8’s role

Germin8 helped the brand gather actionable insights on existing customers and create brand advocates through the following steps:

  • Monitoring of the brand’s social media channels and responding to brand mentions with personalised and organic messages.
  • Building brand advocates through a social media listening strategy and customer gratification.
  • Scanning competitor or keyword mentions using Germin8 Social Listening Tool and responding to potential customer posts in real-time with brand alternatives.   
  1. The Results

Germin8 helped the client establish strong brand advocates and bring about significant growth in customer interaction over time.

  • Brand experienced 26% monthly growth in brand advocates over a period of 9 months.
  • Acquisition of 5,000 – 6,000 unique follower data with actionable insights.
  • An impressive 50% total spike in daily brand mentions on social media.
  • Conclusion

While many businesses are already significantly invested in brand advocacy, the great majority do not consider it a high priority.

Focusing on your company’s brand advocates, on the other hand, should be highlighted when building strategies such that they perfectly complement your marketing efforts.

Customers who advocate for your brand are more likely to draw attention to it. Brand advocates have a better connection to your customer networks, which is beneficial to your business.