How to Convert Customer Feedback into Actionable Change

Convert Customer Feedback into Actionable Change

Customer feedback is one of the most significant and valuable sources of data for increasing customer retention. It helps you in developing marketing and sales strategies, driving product development, and speeding business growth. However, the best method to respond to such feedback isn’t always evident once you’ve gathered it. While listening to your customers is easy, leveraging it to your benefit is far more difficult. It’s critical to understand the difference between actionable and non-actionable data.

  • How to identify actionable customer requests

Non-insightful information is something you’ve already heard about; anything you already knew was a problem. Everything you didn’t know, or simply had a suspicion or notion about, is considered insightful data.  Findings that validate or contradict your previous knowledge are referred to as insights. With further perspective, they might confirm your hypotheses or estimate the relevance of current knowledge. Practical steps result from actionable ideas, which lead to adaptability and implementation.

  • Read the strategic truth behind customer requests

Everything from scores and emoji to extensive surveys and behavioral data may be used to provide feedback. You can acquire detailed, quantifiable feedback on both overall consumer sentiment and the reasoning for that sentiment by combining these methods. When your organization discovers patterns in customer feedback, your follow-up dialogue may go further into each client’s individual wants, issues, and desires.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing plan

Data analysis may also be used to determine whether a strategy’s execution is successful once you have a large enough sample size to detect some important trends. Make greater use of these review patterns in your marketing operations. Is the feedback you’re getting consistent with your desired buyer personas? Is there a market sector that is giving you unfavorable feedback? Adjust your messaging or look for ways to improve your product as a result. Germin8 is a leading online reputation management agency that will help you improve your product & services.

  • Promote product changes

You must demonstrate to your consumers and reviewers that you are paying attention. Promote all of the changes you achieve as a result of your efforts to gather, evaluate, and respond to feedback. It’s also a good idea to keep track of how people react to product announcements and adjustments. You may discover customers who never stated a need for the change in their reviews but still found it useful. This may help you predict the kind of changes that can affect your brand message.

  • Get help from the professionals

What do you do when you have a plethora of data at your disposal but no clear means to parse it and decipher the patterns it may reveal? Consider enlisting the support of a company like Germin8, which provides its own research and analytics-based insights. This will allow you to comb through the data and identify the nuggets of wisdom that will help you improve your product and make it more useful to you, your company, and your customers.