How to find and leverage micro influencers?

micro influencers

Influencer marketing is not new – but it’s currently blowing up. Searches for the phrase influencer advertising, on Google have increased by 325% in the last year. It ranks as the quickest growing on-line client acquisition technique. What a few brands are finding is that working with famous, influencers, such as stars and the top industry minds, can be costly. And, the content they create might not come across as authentic as they’d like. An alternative which appears to be picking up steam is working with micro influencers.

What’re influencers, you ask?

Micro influencers aren’t traditional celebrities, but rather people who work in their category or are truly knowledgeable, passionate and authentic and are seen as a trusted source when it comes to recommendations for what to buy, says study sponsored by Experticity. They have a tendency to have followers, state between 2,000 – 100, 000. The study goes on to state that 82 percent of consumers who have been surveyed for the study reported they were likely to follow a recommendation made by a micro influencer. That is a number which has to get your attention.

With their niche social following, micro influencers may be a perfect way for brands to achieve a targeted section of their audiences. Since they are enthusiastic about their area of experience, the content they create may be more authentic and resonate to some greater degree with followers. If participation is the aim, this may be a perfect way to get there.

How to find Micro Influencers

Brands that wish to test using influencers need to consider the goals and which are social networking platforms they would like to use based on where their audience hangs out. Then, naturally, they need to choose micro influencers.

There are several ways to do this

Research it on one’s own!

While this could be time intensive, it may be done. Once you have chosen a social networking platform, search for profiles with a keyword then use the filters provided to narrow down the results. You might even look in your follower list for people who might be a fit.

Hire an agency:

There is various agencies who currently specialize in assisting brands find influencers at all levels. It may be expensive, however it might end up saving yourself by going down the road with an influencer who might not be a fantastic fit. They are also able to help you veterinarian influencers, and it can be more significant than ever before, remembering that everyone can tell anything at any time.

Utilize a platform such as Germin8 Social Listening:

An end-to end management platform, Germin8 Not only can help you also find influencers, it’s also will help manage and measure your campaigns.

Micro Influencers Can Be a PR Boost

We know that journalists use social network to locate news sources, so if you are utilizing micro influencers, you might increase your probability of getting into stories. By following thought leaders and on-line influencers, journalists have a direct line to the discussions and topics which are building within their business, says David Jones of the Williams Mills Agency. In case your micro influencers are creating content on your behalf, all the better. By publishing content and submitting it on social networking, your audiences, such as journalists, might see the content and start follow you like a thought leader.

Your micro influencers may be a source of new story ideas PR experts may use to fuel their efforts when working with reporters.

Who’s Winning with Micro Influencers?

La Croix can be one of the bigger brands successfully utilizing micro influencers to help achieve its marketing objectives. The brand credits its effort with influencers with below 10, 000 followers for helping to cultivate its Instagram following from 5, 000 to 77, 000 followers. Tom of Maine’s, manufacturer of personal care products with natural ingredients, also utilized an influencer plan on social websites that paid off. It utilized, the brand acquired over 6, 000 social networking interactions. This case clearly shows how you do not necessarily need to go big with influencer advertising. A strong network of micro- and level influencers, relevant to your niche.