How to lose friends & influence people (to hate you)

It was 1936 when Dale Carnegie’s most famous work “How to Win Friends & Influence People”, first came out and has since been a guiding philosophy behind many sales teams. It’s been 78 years now but the book still continues to be a global best seller, just goes to show that the fundamental selling principles haven’t changed all this while.

Today internet has provided a whole new dimension to Marketing and has become probably the most effective medium of communication ever. Putting this in context, we would like to take a dig at the famous piece of literature by Dale Carnegie in our panel discussion on “How to lose friends & influence people (to hate you)” to discuss goofups from the recent past. We would also like to discuss things that went horribly wrong on the internet and how such things almost killed a brand (almost literally).For example, when forgot to renew their domain name, and the story spread like a wildfire on the internet and Yatra became the butt of all the jokes for a while. #Fail: forgets to renew the domain!

Or, like the other time around when Pepsi India was caught in the act of plagiarism. Akshar, whose art work was used became a superstar overnight on social media and Pepsi had to offer him an official apology besides removing the artwork in question.Pepsi might say that their agency was responsible for the blunder, but the brand’s image did take a beating, even if it lasted just for a day.

So ladies and gentlemen, we bring together some of the most famous names from Indian social media to hold a discussion in honour of such incidents that became famous for all the wrong reasons ;)Catch us at the Social Media Week in Bangalore for the same