Major social media platforms are rolling out new features to stay competitive in the digital landscape.

The article discusses three major social media news stories:

1. Snapchat introduces new parental controls: After facing criticism for its lack of age-gating features for its AI bot “My AI,” Snapchat is finally giving parents more control over their teenagers’ usage. Parents can now restrict their teens from interacting with the bot entirely, view their privacy settings, and easily access the Family Center hub for managing their child’s account.

2. YouTube enhances Shorts with new features: YouTube’s short-form video offering, Shorts, is getting a significant upgrade with features rivaling TikTok and Instagram. These include “Collab” for side-by-side recordings with other videos, new stickers like a Q&A sticker for creator-audience interaction, and even a mobile-first vertical live experience currently in testing.

3. Twitter to expand Community Notes globally: Twitter’s pilot program for crowdsourced fact-checking, “Community Notes,” is going global. This feature allows users to rate the helpfulness of information on tweets and add their own notes for context. While still in its early stages, it aims to combat misinformation on the platform.

Overall, the article highlights how major social media platforms are evolving to address user concerns and compete in the increasingly crowded digital landscape.