Social Media Trends to watch out for in 2024

Social media trends are beginning to surface as we navigate through the initial months of the New Year. Although 2024 may not bring about groundbreaking shifts, it seems poised to be an evolutionary period for these platforms. The persistence of misinformation poses a continuing challenge, and the emergence of extended video content, especially on networks like X striving to provide an alternative to cable news, is anticipated. While specific elements will transform, an anticipation of continuity prevails, suggesting a year marked by evolution rather than revolution.

The AIs Have It

In the dynamic landscape of social media in 2024, we are witnessing a subtle evolution rather than revolutionary changes. The interplay between artificial intelligence (AI) and social media is a dominant theme. AI, having made a significant impact in 2023, is expected to further intertwine with social media. Notably, this integration will extend to areas such as the use of AI to disseminate misinformation during the upcoming general election.

The trends of the year revolve around establishing connections between AI, recognizing the pivotal role of influencers in driving social media growth, leveraging big data and analytics, and engaging in social listening. The increasing interest in AI sparks curiosity about potential new filters and tools that may emerge, potentially aiding influencers in content creation or prompting a creative backlash.

Misinformation Will Continue To Be A Threat

Misinformation remains a persistent threat, with the advent of advanced AI technologies facilitating more convincing deception. State-sponsored misinformation campaigns, now on a massive scale, pose a significant challenge. The emergence of generative AI and deep-fakes marks a paradigm shift in vulnerability to misinformation campaigns, surpassing the limitations of previous tools like Photoshop.

Is The Clock Still Ticking For TikTok?

Contrary to predictions, TikTok continues to thrive, emerging as a powerful platform for GenZ. These challenges established social media networks, leading to increased competition and underscoring the importance of recognizing potential emerging platforms.

This Is The Year Of AR—Maybe

The year 2024 might witness augmented and virtual realities playing a more substantial role on social media, although the mass adoption of these technologies remains uncertain. The push towards augmented and virtual realities has been slower than anticipated, and despite efforts by big tech, public resistance persists.

Video Takes Greater Hold

Video content takes center stage, with platforms like X (formerly Twitter) evolving into YouTube rivals, offering original content and serving as an alternative to cable news. Video podcasts are predicted to be a dominant form of content, with practitioners viewing them as a stronger SEO strategy than blogs.

Addressing Social Media’s Dark Side

This year could also see users demanding more accountability from social media platforms. Concerns regarding privacy, addiction, and the impact on children have gained momentum. Organizations like Quit Clicking Kids are advocating for increased awareness and responsible practices, prompting platforms to reevaluate their policies and contribute to the development of new online protections. In essence, 2024 presents a nuanced evolution in the realm of social media, characterized by the integration of AI, persistent challenges, and a changing landscape driven by user demands and emerging technologies.