From Visibility to ORM: The Evolving Face of Social Media Marketing

In just a few short years, social media has expanded tremendously, so much so that it has become an indispensible platform for marketing, one that brands cannot afford to ignore.

But it is no longer just about gaining visibility, the relationship of brands with their customers online is evolving at a rapid pace. Customers want to ask questions, give positive feedback or vent their frustration over a bad experience with the company. So what better place to do that than social media? A post on a social media channel can be viewed by any number of people and could potentially go viral in no time. The proverbial “word of mouth” has now become the “word of web”. So social media can help make or break a brand. Many companies have effectively used it to build a strong reputation while for many others ignoring social media has proved injurious if not lethal for their reputation. Simply because of the reason that they may have failed to address a minute issue, like not responding to a disgruntled customer online.
One negative review and the business stands to lose many potential customers.

So with countless number of people posting their opinions online, brands have to constantly be on their toes to respond to them. Consumers now wield the power to either promote or discredit a brand. Hence, maintaining a favorable online reputation has become very important and social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for doing just that. Companies today are omnipresent on leading networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more for this very purpose. Earlier it was just about pushing advertisements of their products, services or offers, but now it has evolved into a platform for engaging customers and building loyal communities. And with a proper social media strategy, brands can build good customer relations and use the feedback to not just respond better but also to improve their products and services.

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