Why Online Course Providers Should Invest In Social Media Listening

They say in order to get your brand noticed one mustn’t compromise with the quality of content. Besides, one should also invest in developing a wholesome reach out strategy to grab maximum eyeballs. With digital content ruling the roost, all that might seem a piece of cake. However, in actuality, it is way deeper than one can gauge. You see, these days, a large number of businesses are thoroughly engaged in marketing their content, but how many of them are really gaining an edge. The usual play is to roll in content on topics that have been touched upon and covered in detail by others. Sure, you can put in your own mumbo jumbo and twists and turns all around to get the job done, but in doing so, you are throwing the towel on originality and significantly contributing towards content adulteration. Thus, the obvious question is how does one cut through the clutter to make an impact. The answer is Social Media Listening. It works in bits and pieces, albeit, but when put together comes out really robust, really firm to leave a positive and enriching effect on your audience. Speaking of “positive and enriching”, E-Learning is a full proof way to engage audience readily with your content. Sounds baffling? Read on to find out just how you can do that for your brand.

Online courses? You Gotta Be Kidding!

It might occur strange to many, why out of all forms of content to reach audiences; one would go for online course. Tell you what, online course is one such model that has already taken a giant leap towards emerging as a billion dollar industry. For any brand that promises to become a dependable provider, online courses can generate handsome income right from the word go! Besides, online courses are a full proof way to get your hands on to some high-quality organic leads. As people are on the lookout for learning a new skill or gaining knowledge, it is likely that they would soon grow receptive towards your product. Now that we have got your head around online courses to be beneficial for your brand let’s put you on track to exhume topics to design your courses.

Align online course ideas with social media listening

With Social Media Listening, you are expanding your reach to touch upon several such vital aspects of modern day marketing, seldom to be found in “How-To” write-ups in comparison. Moreover, Social Media Listening includes all such prominent activities to help enable brands monitor and unravel user insights from conversations. All you need to do is to invest in a Social Media Listening service that can help identify the target audience for your brand and suggest topic ideas pertaining to hashtags and keywords to start designing your online course.

For instance, you want to develop an online course on photo editing. With a Social Media Listening tool in place, you can simply make use of #photoediting to readily identify topics and areas that you need to cover while developing your course. With relevant keywords directing you towards topic ideas, you might as well end up designing a course which could pretty much sound like the following:

How to become a master in Photoshop in just 14 days

    How to enhance your photo editing skills

   How to develop your photos like a professional

Getting your ideas streamlined

It’s easy to get lost while you are brainstorming with content ideas for your course. As you tend to borrow ideas and inspiration from several different sources, it is highly recommended to keep a tab of the same in a new spreadsheet. This shall help you streamline your content ideas all in one place and help you translate the same when you begin developing the course in detail, charting out the modules and topics to be covered. Now, as a course content creator, it is necessary that you form a comprehensive understanding of how well your course stands out in the long run, whether it’s going to stay fresh or turn irrelevant in a few years. Using social media listening, one has an advantage for the following:

  • Checking on trending topics related to your niche.
  • Track and monitor the demand for a relevant course and how the same has increased or decreased over time. With a little bit of confidence and judgement, you can get the right ally for the keywords, hashtags and terms aligned to your line of work.
  • Additionally, you can also employ several metrics of social media listening to determine the popularity of a particular topic and check on user engagement volume.

So, now you know how a lucid and dedicated workflow for online courses, aligned rightly with social media listening can help shape a brand and maximise reach out like nothing else.

Are you looking to generate engaging content for your brand eyeing for mass reach out? Not sure how to use social media listening to achieve the same? Relax! We’ve got you covered. At Germin8, we are committed to realizing brand goals. With the right bit of information and innovation in place, we can get you there. Drop us a line below and let’s get the show on the road!