3 Vital Elements to Build Your Brand Image via Responses on Social Media

Social media is one of the most important means of building your online brand image. There are many brands like Tesco, Sainsbury and Xbox who have upgraded their brand image with their unique way of responding. Good responses make your brand memorable, recallable and respectable. The more you react to your audience, the more likely you are to be successful. It’s time to make your brand stand out in the crowd with these three vital elements for online image building:

Social Media response

Tone of Responses

Yes! Your tone of responses matter a lot. It should complement your brand’s image. If you are a suit and blazer selling brand for businessmen and you respond the queries posted by your customers in a cool and funky tone, using slang words such as “hot” and “dude”, you are ridiculing your own brand. The best solution to it is to delegate different people to manage different channel. After sometime, a person working on a specific channel tends to specialize in it. Using the right tone can help to reflect the humane side of your brand, which is crucial aspect of creating a good image. Now days, customer wants to interact with humans, and not robots.

The Use of Words

Content has proven to be an effective medium of marketing. Whether it is online posts or responses; your use of words has a great impact. Your words need to be what the customer is expecting. Besides this, the words should be catchy and easy to understand because not all are well-versed with the language. Sometimes, you can use phrases and idioms to impress the customer. Avoid using sarcastic words since some respondents love to play around with words that are subtly satirical.

The Turnaround time

Maintaining a lower turnaround time is always going to be a vital element in building a brand image on social media. If a brand takes long hours to respond to a customer query, you are making your customer frustrated since “nobody likes waiting”. Customers post queries on social media for quick answers and if your brand cannot fulfill this expectation, then it really needs to work upon its online customer care services. The lower the turnaround time of responses, the better becomes the brand image. However, some brands have excelled in online customer care services.

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