Social Media Listening, Understand your competition

Social media listening might be utilized to execute several tasks in the advancement of your own brand. Generating leads, discovering influencers and identifying key sites are only a few that might be mentioned.

Nevertheless, what’s typically overlooked is how these tools might be utilized to examine ones competitors. By keeping tabs on your competition you can become the leader in your chosen area of expertise.

This article is aimed at describing the methods that may be put in place to monitor competitors through social network monitoring (smm) and what benefits this might have for your business.

Why Companies should follow the competition

There are various key reasons why brands must monitor the online outcome of their opposition.

First of all, monitoring competitors permits you to

  • Understand their marketing plan
  • Where’s their main presence online
  • Are they currently interacting with customers on a regular basis
  • Who is their target audience?

By knowing your competition, you can determine any loopholes in your own strategy and highlight any critical areas they’re failing in.  By developing a clear picture of your competitors in your market, it’ll become easier to navigate. It is crucial to be aware of what other businesses are doing and also to develop alongside them, learn from their mistakes and understand how to outsmart them.

Once established a competitor query or search might be utilized to monitor ongoing activity in an opposing brand. This could highlight daily chances to interact with prospects customers or may be used for monthly reports on the action within your chosen market.

The Best Way to monitor competitors

Social media listening tools look at a vast amount of info so that it might produce some fascinating data which can assist businesses to target key areas for development. When assessing the action of your opposition there are various areas that need to be assessed on a regular basis.

Share of Voice

This is the measurement of the amount of activity surrounding your organization and your competitors on-line.  By comparing the existence of other businesses within the appropriate market a business will have a better comprehension of the achievement of their own advertising and marketing activities.  In case the competition has a share of the voice it might be time to reevaluate your on-line presence.


By evaluating the sentiment of the comments surrounding brands through SMM, businesses can concentrate on any things caused by consumers.  It might be a competitor isn’t acknowledging the complaints of their customers that’ll make an opportunity for your organization to demonstrate your product / service. In addition by knowing what’re the main points of aggravation for a consumer within the industry a corporation can learn to avoid these mistakes in their own company practices?

Top Sites and Page Types

There are various advantages of knowing where competitors are active on-line.

First of all, it can highlight sites or forums where a brand has an existence your company might not currently be aware of. This advice could then influence whether you also want to be active on this platform to create new leads.

Another advantage of knowing where competitors are operating is being aware of where they don’t have any activity in any way. It might be since the sites are not useful or it might be a brand new chance that hasn’t been discovered from the competition.

Identifying Influencers

Social media listening can bring to light writers who are currently discussing a competitor, market or your own brand. It could expose special influencers who are commentating on your goods or that of a competitor. This creates opportunities for brands to make contact with key influencers and demonstrate why their product is superior to those offered by competitors.

Topics / Buzz Word

Another element available in the Social Media Listening tool by Germin8 is that of buzz /trends. This enables companies to monitor the online conversation happening around their brand and of some competitors. By assessing the topics discussed with the competition you know industry trends surrounding a competitor; some industry trends surrounding a competitor

Audience Type

By assessing those who are discussing about your brand and your competitors you will have better comprehension of their prospective target audience. For example, it could show that men tend to be more involved in a product or campaign than women. This information could change your current marketing strategy or influence future campaigns.

What do you want to achieve?

Finding out information about your competitor is useful only if you know how to use that data. It’s significant that brands are continuously adapting to info and how you’d implement any modifications to your present plan.

  • Start by planning who you want to monitor and why?
  • What information are you intrigued in finding out?
  • Do you utilize the data to create adjustments to your current strategies?

It’s significant to keep in mind that brands and its marketing techniques is ever evolving. Consequently, you must be up to date on any change inside your daily basis to ensure you’re usage social media listening to improve your marketing activities. Competitor analysis is just one benefit that social media listening offers a business.