No room for error: How to manage brand reputation during Covid-19

online reputation during covid19

For SMEs, the most efficient approach to controlling your brand reputation involves boosting your business honestly, implementing customer experience processes, redressing complaints and engaging with clients online.

It can take a life time to construct an ideal brand reputation, but a couple of seconds to destroy it. Brand reputation pertains to the perception that consumers have about your brand. A positive reputation means that the brand has strong trust credentials and consumers anticipate utilize services and its products. A negative reputation originates from consumer’s lack of trust leading to the brand falling from the consideration set. The reputation of a brand is the only thing in a brand’s kitty that’s non-negotiable.

It is imperative to have a reputation as it is the building block for company’s revenue, long- term profitability and valuation of your business. For businesses, the most efficient approach involves boosting your business honestly, implementing customer expertise process, correcting consumer complaints with defined TAT and actively engaging with clients online. There are two approaches to it, both proactive and reactive. Both have to co-exist, run in tandem and match each other.

The proactive stance is about leveraging your brand in a variety of channels to make a positive perception on an ongoing basis. While advertising and communication create emotional bonding, but it’s to be layered with communication and smooth customer experience.

This begins with, fantastic website that is effective after sales / Application followed by cutting edge SEO plan, whitepapers, podcasts, short videos and impactful content advertising strategy to position your brand up there for clients to look up to you with a lens. The creation of a brand newsroom is applicable because it monitors the brand to leverage many attributes.

The Chief executive officer or founders of companies should endeavor themselves as leaders of the industry by taking a stand on social issues and causes that will provide a rub off. The reactive approach is utilized to give client delight by addressing consumer complaints arising from faulty goods, service delays etc.

Thanks to social media, the ripple impact at times can be harmful to some brand if not assessed and addressed on time. A combination of offline and online interventions leading to smooth stream of processes on a real time basis almost working on an auto pilot style is mandatory. The online part includes creating a fool proof and future ready ORM strategy which gets combined with Offline activities. A structured reputation management plan will place the brand in a safe and confident zone allaying fear of reputation harm.

Online Reputation Management

ORM Strategy for medium and small business involves taking charge of the brand on the digital domain through automated processes that include scanning of Social media, Websites, Websites, App reports supplemented with cutting edge Search engine optimization consumer management techniques and processes. For Example, if you’re in the education business and you’re faced with negative reviews that appear on Facebook pages, twitter, feedback forums then you have to address the grievances in a professional way. This is where Germin8 comes in with its state of the art solutions which enables brands to pick up the queries from social/ digital platforms, buckets them and shares it with respective consumer management functions; addressing them in specified TAT and helping brands avert any crisis.