The Art of Modern Brand Campaigning

The power of social media in today’s world is undeniably significant. Nothing can spread the news faster or work better than the traditional “Word of mouth” technique. And this very characteristic of social media has made it the holy grail for the marketing sphere. Marketers today have the term social media marketing at the tip of their tongues. Now, the perks of social media marketing are multifarious, but we will be talking about one in particular – Campaigns

Brand campaigns are omnipresent on social networking sites these days. There are innumerable companies trying to outdo one another in the social media landscape with elaborate campaigns, every single day. In fact, the presence of a social media campaign has become an absolute necessity for brands around the globe. Their marketing strategy is not complete without it. But why, you ask? Well, there are not one but three solid reasons:

Brand Visibility

The fundamental goal of every PR strategist and marketer, achieved in a few simple steps, sitting at your desk! Quirky, interesting and unique campaigns will draw users to your page, increasing your visibility. Once the hashtags related to your campaign start trending, there’s no stopping it from going viral!

Increased Interaction with Customers

Campaigns are great way to up the engagement with your audience, some of whom are already customers and others who could potentially convert. It gives you a chance to directly speak to the audience and to have better customer relations.

Driving up Sales

An online campaign, done right can boost your sales tremendously. If the campaign strikes a chord with consumers, then you can successfully convince them to make a purchase. Just take Old Spice as an example. Their recent YouTube Campaign increased their sales by a whopping 107 percent!

The Elements of a Killer Campaign

So what is it then that makes an online campaign successful?

Specific Targets

Having clear cut objectives while running a PR campaign is of prime importance. The same goes for an online campaign as well. What is the expected outcome of the campaign? Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand or engage your current customers? Do you want to send a social message? Or is it about reaching out to social media influencers? Maybe creating a buzz about a new product? Once you decide on specific goals for your campaign, designing an effective strategy becomes easy.

Creative & Attractive Content

No campaign can be successful without eye-catching content. It should make the customer want to stop and read, and find out more about the campaign, to want to be a part of it. In today’s competitive world, it’s not an easy job to get your campaign noticed. Which is why, your content has to be unique and relatable to the audience. If you have an idea as to what your customers’ likes and dislikes are; what type of content they are more likely to respond to etc., you can design great content to attract them.


Walt Whitman famously said “Simplicity is the glory of expression”. And true enough, the simpler your campaign is, higher the chances of its success. The campaign should not ask too much of the audience or get them bored with its complexity. It should be easy to follow as well as give them the right offer for a prize.

Regular Updates

A campaign trail, once gone cold is very difficult to revive. Hence, it is important for all the social media channels used by your brand to be consistently active throughout the campaign. The consumer should not be given the chance to forget about an ongoing campaign.

Wait! We aren’t Done Yet

No social media campaign is complete without feedback. Every marketer wants to know the effect of their campaign. Did they manage to reach their target audience? What are the conversations about? Are they positive or negative? Did they get the desired outcome? Has the campaign influenced the target audience to make a purchase? Did the visibility of the brand increase? But finding the answers to these questions on a diverse landscape like the social media is not easy. Thankfully, we’ve got Social Media Monitoring tools. Monitoring online conversations can get you tremendous information in terms of the results of your campaign. To see examples of brands that made it big on social media with their innovative campaigns, contact us to find out consumer preferences, target audiences, the best channel for your campaign, so on and so forth. The better you know your market, the better your campaign will be.