Trooya – Social Customer Service Reimagined

Trooya- Social Customer Service Reimagined

We at Germin8 are proud to announce that Trooya, our newest product, has come out of its private beta phase and is now available to all globally. In its private beta, Trooya was used extensively and exclusively by a large telco, a large private bank, logistic companies and even by consumer facing government departments.

Trooya is a cloud-based social media contact center that enables you to respond to customers, resolve their issues and earn their goodwill. Some of the key intelligence built into the tool revolve around smart workflows that enable teams to collaboratively attend to customers, prioritize important customers and automate the allocation of customer service agents to customer interactions. The product comes with three pricing plans: Beginner, Professional and Enterprise, based on the volume of usage and support levels.

Trooya is meant for customers who want to implement social media customer service and receive a moderate to large number of customer posts every day. You can avail a 14 day free trial to see if Trooya is right for you.

Learn how Trooya’s Chatbot brought down response rate to *2 Minutes for this Insurance Major.