Why Having a Google My Business Account Is a Mantra for Success

While a Google My Business (GMB) account is primarily a free business listing, one can get a host of other benefits too. This professional profile is an easy-to-use tool for businesses, particularly small and medium ones, to be more visible online to customers who can then conveniently find you on Google Maps and Search. The account lets you edit your information to keep things updated as well as post photos, event details, offers, etc. to show your uniqueness and thus attract customers. Let’s delve a bit more into how a GMB account can help boost business:

Reach potential customers

There is no denying that Google is the biggest search engine today, with a massive 87% market share in April 2021. This means that a GMB account gives you the power to reach an extensive customer base from all around the world. With 46% of all Google searches made for local information, a professional listing is the key to reaching potential customers. Anytime someone searches for a business similar to yours, your business will show up on Google and very soon, customers will arrive at your location with the address mentioned on your listing – it truly is as simple as that.

Raise brand awareness

A GMB account literally helps put your business onto a global map. These listings boost your chances of visibility on the first page of Google Maps and searches when someone types in a local query. This can be a major factor in increasing awareness about your brand. Engage with customers when they ask questions or post reviews on Google, thus building a positive, deeper connection with your brand. This will get people talking about you on social media as well as offline, which in turn will boost again awareness. 

Increase revenue

A GMB account can be instrumental in increasing sales since the likelihood of customers visiting a business increases 70% if it has such a listing. Moreover, 60% smartphone users have directly contacted a business (using features like the ‘call’ option) found on a Google search. When your professional listing is visible with a quick search, it generates trust amid people since businesses have to complete several verification steps to appear in such searches. This leads local browsers to pay a visit and buy your product/service. Optimise your listing with a Call to Action such as ‘Visit’, ‘Learn more’, ‘Call’, or ‘Buy’ to leverage your GMB listing and boost earnings. 

Reviews help the brand

An excellent way to improve success for your business is to leverage customer reviews posted on Google about your brand. 75% people tend to trust a business more after reading a positive review online. Once they use your product and are happy with it, they will give recommendations both offline and online, thus enhancing the brand’s image. Using feedback from your GMB account can also aid in getting customer insights, which further helps you improve your products and services according to their needs. Ensure that you decrease turnaround time to keep customer engagement levels up. Post a thank you message for positive reviews and suitable responses to negative feedback. This will help pacify angry customers and also give you a chance of retaining them in addition to boosting the brand’s image as a receptive business that cares about client satisfaction. Germin8’s online brand reputation management services are here to help you with brand reputation management.

All business information in one page

Complete and accurate information about your business is the key to ensuring that customers can conveniently find you. Not updating your hours, address, and contact details on your GMB listing may have unpleasant customers experiences and thus raise questions about the legitimacy and reliability of a business. GMB listings have been extremely helpful for businesses and customers alike in the Covid-19 pandemic situation and subsequent lockdowns. While it may not be possible to communicate changes to your clients immediately through other mediums, keeping your GMB account updated with latest operating hours, health protocols, etc. will give customers the relevant information since Google is the first place they would check.

More than 26 million small and medium businesses in India have a web presence via Google search and Maps. So if you do not have a listing yet, people looking for products or services like yours will go to the competition. A verified, properly-optimised Google My Business account can be a substantially effective tool driving the success of your business.

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