Can social media buzz predict box office success ? – Social Media Analysis on #ShaadiKeSideEffects

In the era when collections of a 100 crores is fast becoming a benchmark for success, we tried to analyse if the social media conversations around a movie can help us predict its success on the box office.

Shaadi ke side effects was projected as a sequel to the highly successful Pyaar Ke Side Effects. Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan portray the iconic characters of Sid and Trisha, as a married couple. We tracked the pre and post release buzz on the much talked about the movie, and analyzed the social media buzz to check if the movie was actually able to live up to its hype, and did the sentiment of conversations change post release. The results are depicted in the below mentioned infographic developed by our team.

We’ll be doing more such reviews in the future, keep checking this space