Social Media Listening for B2B Brands

Most of the brands have a strong social media presence. Especially if you are a B2B brand your activity calendar is already full with tasks. Does that mean you can ignore social listening? Absolutely not!

It’s your reputation which is at stake. Think about it! It’s high time you act on it since all your competitor brands are already exploiting social media to their utmost potential. Researching into the data behind your social mentions can provide you with valuable insights that will help you make successful business decisions. This is possible only if YOU ARE LISTENING!

How Social Media Listening can be a Game Changer?

Unfiltered Feedback from Clients

Social media is an effective platform to get genuine feedback, be it negative or positive from clients. Below is one such example wherein the feedback is negative but the outcome could be positive depending on how you approach the solution and work on your product/service accordingly.

Social media listening

Behind every @mention notification is some sort of sentiment or feedback your business can learn from and act on.

Give what the Buyer wants

Remember, it’s not all about you. Social media listening is a great way to discover which hashtags, topics and publications prospective customers like. Use these social insights to help inform your content marketing, media buying and PR strategy.

Influencer Marketing Benefits

Social listening also helps you identify the influencers, executives, and bloggers that your clients share and mention the most. Yes, influencer marketing matters for B2B brands, too. This fact can be utilized to its utmost potential to give your service a social boost.

Drive Sales and Conversions

With social listening, you no longer have to wait for prospects to seek out your product or services. Instead, you can join in conversations, make recommendations, and guide prospects toward your brand’s solutions. Here are a few quick ways you can start listening today:

  1. Set up Google Alerts
  2. Monitor Hashtags and Keywords
  3. Invest in a Social media management tool (Hyperlink this to your tool page)
  4. Follow Your Competitors

 Get Started With Social Listening

Following are some ways of doing social listening the right way

Pick your priority networks

You need to focus on your social listening on places the most important conversations about your business are happening. In terms of B2B social listening, Twitter and LinkedIn are typically considered the two important sources. 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

Invest in the right social listening tools

Choose the right social technology that makes sense for your brand. You can weight this by the solutions you need and the offerings provided by the solution provider

Look out for Mentions

Start by listening for mentions of your company, executives, and products. Also consider your target accounts, key competitors, and the hashtags most relevant to your business.

Respond and Engage

Customer support question, sales opportunity, emerging social media crisis? Make sure you’ve identified in advance the right people to respond for a given issue so that you can engage and react as needed. Social media is real-time so you can’t afford to figure things out as you go along.

Don’t Ignore Secondary Social Conversions

Once you’ve locked down your mentions and tags on your priority network, take the time to dig through additional social sites to see what folks are saying about your brand. For example, Quora is a popular place for consumers to pit brands against each other. It’s totally fair game to respond to such queries yourself, although many B2B brands don’t capitalize on these conversations.

social media listening

That’s it guys! Social media listening should be a part of your next marketing strategy in order to improve relationship with your clients.  In case of any further queries or suggestions related to social listening, kindly let us know in the comments below! Also you can contact Germin8 if you have any queries CLICK HERE